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Do you have a Non-Healing Wound or Chronic Injury?

Our bodies normally have the ability to heal naturally. However, many factors can affect the body’s ability to heal, including poor blood flow, injury and disease.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) has been shown in clinical studies to greatly improve healing rates in non-healing wounds and chronic injuries across a range of etiologies.

PRP is produced from a small quantity of a patient’s own blood by concentrating their platelets that are rich in growth factors, which are critical to proper healing. When the PRP is applied to the wound or injected into the injury it initiates and enhances the body’s own natural healing process. Wound care specialists are having amazing success closing wounds with PRP.

Also, Physicians are recommending PRP for sports-related injuries. These athletes are able to return to their sport much sooner than with traditional treatments. Now, using PRP Concepts, your physician can provide these same therapies to you in his or her own private local office. Click
here to see many of the uses of PRP in medicine today.

When patients choose to have PRP therapy they are making an investment in the quality of their life. Our patients can apply for PRP Concepts’ financing so they can pay for their therapy using convenient, low monthly payments. PRP Concepts will work to make the healing process a reality. 
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Always remember that your Doctor is the best source for medical information.