Cascade® Autologous Platelet System

Here’s a brief overview of the process underlying the CASCADE Autologous Platelet System’s creation of the easy-to-prepare PRP, which is then ultimately altered to become a PRFM membrane; these steps all take place in about 40 minutes total, on average.

Blood → PRP → PRFM → Membrane → Growth Factors Released Into Wound

  1. Blood collection tubes going to the platelet rich plasma device are filled (with patient’s own blood)
  2. Contents of tubes are subject to centrifugation to separate out the easy-to-prepare PRP
  3. Aseptic transfer of the PRP to a vial with CaCl2 for further centrifugation to create platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) takes place
  4. PRFM membrane is prepared and transferred to the wound site
  5. Programmed release of growth factors into the wound occurs

The CASCADE Autologous Platelet System’s advantage is its combination of off-the-shelf technologies for point-of-care treatment without the need for special handling or cold chain requirements.